Saturday, November 3, 2012

Shaka Soap is going on an adventure!!

Aloha Shaka Soap ohana,

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Shaka Soap is moving to the mainland. What does this mean? Simply that Shaka Soap will be shut down for about 6 months to re-establish and re-group. We will continue to use the same ingredients, the same suppliers, and the same packaging, everything will be the same except where the products will be created. Being on the mainland, it may be possible to offer even more products as many companies won't ship to Hawaii!

Shaka Soap continues to journey
So how does this affect you amazing people? I need to have my final orders placed by the end of this week (by November 9th) so I can pack everything up for the journey across the Pacific Ocean.

We will remain active on our Facebook page, continuing to interact with you, share Hawaiian culture and language, and discuss the latest in skincare ingredients and controversy. This will be a great adventure and I can't wait to share it with you.

Now I would like to ask your opinion! Since we can no longer say "Made In Hawaii" what should our slogan read as? "Inspired By Hawaii" or "Originated in Hawaii" or "A Hawaiian Original" or something else? I would love your feedback!

As always- Mahalo for all of your support and well wishes. You have made my dreams come true.
Mahalo and hang loose ;)

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  1. I like "Originated & inspired by Hawaii." Best of luck to you Jess!


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