Friday, November 9, 2012

Aloha Oe Shaka Soap Ohana

Aloha Shaka Soap Ohana,
It is with a heavy heart and wet eyes that I am writing this blog post. It will be the last blog post for a little while as we embark on our newest adventure. I began this business in Hawaii with a desire to emulate the beauty, culture, and deep rooted sacredness of this land that I have felt since arriving here. Making bath and body products may not seems to fit this aspiration, but the ability to learn of natural oils and the healing mana (power) that comes from this land was a perfect fit for me.
I have met many amazing and beautiful people who have made me see the true reason why Hawaii is such a spiritually charged land. The culture and history here makes my soul quiver. Watching the men perform the haka for the first time made me feel like I had been brought here for my own spiritual awakening. It is truly a life changing and powerful demonstration to watch, so historical and strong that I am unable to look away every time I see it. I am truly grateful for being able to experience Hawaii.

                                  Video of bruddah Iz singing "Over the Rainbow/Wonderful World"
                                                                (and showing his 'shaka' =)

So for many reasons, my family is moving back to Oregon. Many options were weighed and that is what is best for our family as a whole. This will put Shaka Soap on hold while we wait for our things to arrive from their journey across the pacific. This takes about a month. Then we need to redesign labels and change our tagline since we will not be making the products in Hawaii. However, none of the ingredients will change and everything will be made the same. Only the location of where I will be making the products will change.

I am not going to disappear, either! I will remain active on our Facebook page and continue to answer any ingredient, affliction, or random questions that may come my way. The website still be around, but there will be no products for the 6 month period.

So mahalo nui loa to everyone. A hui hou and aloha 'oe

Hang loose my friends

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