Tuesday, October 23, 2012

"Show Your Shaka" results

We sent off the prize to the "Show Us Your Shaka" contest on Monday. It was a lot of fun to see the different entries! Here are the folks who participated:
Trying out our Lemongrass soap

Julia from Washington

Amber from California

Madi from Germany

Robert from Oahu
Our winner was Amber from California with 30 likes on her photo! Mahalo so much for all of the entries and votes! Can't wait to do another contest. Giving away things makes me happy =)

Mahalo and hang loose ;)


  1. Our photo was from when we visited Maui! It was my first time visiting! My husband and his family are Royal Hawaiian Blood! It was great to experience my husbands culture! Cannot wait to return this June!!! Aloha and Mahalo for having such a fun contest!!! xxoo

    1. Royal Hawaiian Blood?! That is amazing! Maui is beautiful. So glad you participated and got to win!


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