Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Countdown to the Emmys!

The Primetime Emmys are this Sunday September 23rd, and we are STOKED that Shaka Soap products will be at the GBK Primetime Emmys Gift Lounge!
Here is the gift guide that the attending presenters and nominees will be receiving when they stop by The Artisan Group's table:
The Artisan Group, an elite art promotions group, will be a platinum sponsor in GBK’s upcoming Luxury Gift Lounge held on September 21-22, 2012 in Hollywood, California, in honor of the Nominees and Presenters of the 2012 Primetime Emmy Awards

If you click on the image of the gift guide, you will be taken to a digital version of the guide, illustrating all of the talent that The Artisan Group has to offer. We are on page13! So exciting!!

Here is an image of all the amazing swag that the celebs will be receiving from The Artisan Group at the event, see our sugar scrub gift set?!

Here is a little behind the scenes of what the pandemonium is when prepping for events like this. We needed 100 jute bags, 100 gift cards, 100, 2 ounce jars of sugar scrub, and 100 lip balms. Let me tell you, 100 of ANYTHING is a lot, but we got though it!

Piles of everything in sets of "100"

All 100 bags ready for lucky recipients at the event!
If you would like your own jute bag set with our amazing sugar scrub like the celebrities get, click here!
Once again! Mahalo for everyone's support and well wishes. We are set back by about 6 months on our shampoo development, so I haven't forgotten about the willing testers! It will just take a little longer for this one woman show =) Mahalo for your patience and kindness! It is very much appreciated

Mahalo and Hang Loose ;)


  1. How very exciting to be featured at yet another special Hollywood event!
    Big congrats, Jessica. You go, girl!



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