Monday, August 27, 2012

What does that smell like??

Aloha Shaka Soap fans!

Owning a bath and body company is extremely fun. I love that my house has a different smell almost daily, and it always smells amazing. The biggest problem, however, is that it is difficult for my customers to 'smell' the products before they  purchase them. I thought I would make a list of our most popular scents and what they smell like. Not like smelling them in person, no. But at least it will give you an idea of what to expect! ;)

Crisp Bamboo- A fresh scent of wild bamboo stalks, crisp aloe and jasmine petals, touched with vetivert and a soft musk

Island Coconut- Hawaiian coconut, reminiscent of the sandy beaches and swaying palms of beautiful Hawaii

Sweet Plumeria- A sweet floral of tropical plumeria, more like the pink plumeria, a flower often made into a fragrant Hawaiian lei or worn as a single blossom

Jasmine Bloom- Rich and floral, a sweet jasmine touched lightly with added flowers, and a light, powdery finish

Hawaiian Fusion- A tropical blend with fresh melons, pineapple, and acai berry, amid ripe nectarine and sweet guava

Pacific Shores- A rich, fresh cream of tropical rain mingled with lily of the valley, jasmine, leafy greens, pine and musk

Tahitian Mint- A tropical vanilla with a subtle hint of refreshing spearmint, peppermint and corn mint, with just a touch of black tea

Unsure of what you would like? Our most popular are Bamboo, Coconut, and Plumeria. Bamboo is really fresh and very unisex. Coconut is a perfect Hawaiian scent. My personal favorite is our plumeria scent. It is so true to the real scent, because it is make with extracts of the plumeria flower. It really is nice.  

Have any questions about our scents or what we will be coming up with soon? Ask away!

Mahalo and Hang loose ;)


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