Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What you don't know CAN hurt you

Recently, I was approached by a customer who was interested in why I use fragrance oils more often than essential oils. I LOVE questions like this, any questions about why we use the ingredients we do. Here is what I told her:
I have a respect for essential oils. Since they are completely plant (fruit, leaf, flower, etc) derived, they are medicinal. I only use essential oils when I know of their benefits, risks, and contraindications. For example, Anise essential oil cannot be used by pregnant women, ingested in large amounts will slow down the circulatory system as it is a mild narcotic. Also, Anise essential oil contains 'anethole' which may exacerbate those with skin conditions. Cedarwood essential oil may irritate the skin, especially in high concentrations; it should also be avoided during pregnancy. Peppermint essential oil causes a cooling effect and should not be used on mucous membranes or sensitive areas. ALSO, some essential oils interact with medications one of my customers could be taking. A scary thought! I could continue, but you get the idea, right?

Essential oils are completely natural, it is true. Fragrance oils are not, also true. HOWEVER, the fragrance oils used by Shaka Soap are primarily composed of essential oils and are completed in a way that make the medicinal risks disappear. Just because something is natural, does not mean it is good for you. Need an example?

Peanuts are completely natural, right? Unless you’re allergic and the Anaphalactic shock lands you in the emergency ward. Another example: Want to make a wreath out of poison oak or poison ivy? Probably not.

Do we use essential oils in their pure form? YES WE DO! I don't think the general public realizes how research-oriented this company is. I will NOT use an essential oil unless I know how and where it was derived, what benefits/disadvantages it has, and what medicinal properties it carries with it. For a while we were carrying a soap that was made with Eucalyptus Essential oil and Tea Tree Essential oil. (We ran out and need to make more ;)

Before making this soap, we learned that Eucalyptus is very strong essential oil, often used in muscle and joint creams. It is also used in sprays and salts to help clear the sinuses and respiratory system. ALSO: Do not use in children's products! Tea Tree Essential oil is used for its antiseptic properties, normally found in acne products or anti-fungal creams and powders. So we made sure that we told all our customers these important facts.

What am I getting at? Natural does not mean safe. Safety is PRIMARY for Shaka Soap. I have 2 small little girls (3 1/2 and 18 months) and want to make sure that the largest organ they have, their SKIN, is only exposed to beneficial and safe elements. Our products are considered 99-100% all natural. Every ingredient is used with thought and consideration with EVERY benefit in mind.

Have any questions? PLEASE ASK THEM! We are always honest about disclosing all of our ingredients and why we use what we do. Want a product made custom for you that has medicinal benefits for acne, eczema, or sensitive skin? We could very easily make it for you. 
There are HUNDREDS of bath and body companies out there that are very deceptive in their ingredients and how they are worded. They claim to use all "organic" or "natural" ingredients, but that doesn't mean ALL of the ingredients are. Sneaky, huh?  Not us =) Some things DO NOT make an essential oil, so be aware of that. I've seen a spa claim to have a bottle of Strawberry Essential oil, hmmm. That doesn't exist ;)

Mahalo and Hang Loose!


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