Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What scents do we offer?

As you know, all of our soaps, lotions, lip balm, etc. are made by yours truly. We have had several folks ask for custom soap orders for baby showers, wedding or bridal showers, birthday parties, etc. I wanted to have a list of all of the scents we offer for easier ordering. We offer so many, I can never remember all of them right on the spot. If you have any questions regarding our scents and oils, please don't hesitate to ask. Here it is!
**Awa Puhi- Hawaii ginger. A great floral that is fresh instead of flower-y
**Hapuna Shores- a mix of ocean smells that are freshly clean and fragrant
**Blue Kane- Kane is 'man' in Hawaiian. This scent is similar to the popular male cologne Aquolina Blue Sugar
**Christmas Tree- smells exactly like one
**Chocolate Espresso
**Island Coconut- like a perfect suntan oil, a favorite Hawaiian scent and one of our most popular lotions
**White Citrus- citrus blend, including crisp lemon, grapefruit, a touch of waterlily, and subtle ginger flowers.
**Eucalyptus- fresh and clean
**Fresh Snow- like clean laundry, I love to blend this with peppermint and make a really fresh scent
**Gardenia- our most popular flower scent
**Ginger Ale- great by itself or blended with a fruit scent
**Honeysuckle- another great floral
**Jasmine Bloom- another favorite floral, right behind gardenia
**Lemon- great by itself, or blended with many other scents
**Lemongrass- great by itself, or blended with many other scents
**Lime Basil
**Hawaiian Fruit Fusion- a blend of melons, pineapple, acai berry, nectarine and guava
**Crisp Bamboo- OUR MOST POPULAR LOTION AND SCRUB!! Smells like bamboo stalks, crisp 
    aloe and jasmine petals, touched with vetivert and a soft musk
**Mint Chocolate Chip- my favorite ice cream, I couldn't resist this combo
**Triple Mint- a great blend of peppermint, spearmint, and corn mint
**Oatmeal, milk, and honey- our most requested scent, I like to add ground oatmeal in this soap
**Orange- great by itself, or blended with many other scents
**Passion fruit Papaya
**Plumeria- my favorite flower here on the island, our scent is closer to the pink plumeria, instead of the yellow
**Pumpkin Pie- smells just like it, along with the spices that accompany it
**Waimea Rain- smells like a fresh rain on rolling hills. Very clean
**Riceflower and Shea- popular B&BW scent, very warm and slightly floral (I've had men love it!)
**Sea Shore- a more beach-y scent than our Hapuna Shores
**Orange Kitchen- a blend of orange, green apple and light peppermint and cloves
**Apple Cider
**Tahitian Vanilla- I LOVE this scent. It is a sweetened, tropical vanilla
**Tea Tree
**Vanilla Cookie- a richer vanilla than our other two
**Vanilla Sugar- a lightly sweetened, traditional vanilla
**Sweet mint- spearmint, peppermint and exotic water mint blended with a touch of chocolate

This is what we have as of right now. We may cut down a little as time goes on, but I hope this is a helpful list for those custom orders!
Mahalo and Hang Loose ;)

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