Sunday, January 29, 2012

What is that on my soap??

Have you ever looked at your handmade bar of soap and noticed little clear, water-like beads on the surface?

That is actually a sign of a soap that is great for your skin! It may be unsightly, and even look strange, but the reason the soap is "sweating" is that glycerin is such an amazing humectant, that it is doing the same thing to your skin, attracting moisture from the air.
Have you ever gone into the shower and your commercial soap bar looks like this?

See how it is dried out and unable to retain moisture to itself? It is doing the same thing to your skin. Most commercial made soap isn't really soap at all, it is classified as a detergent. Most don't even contain glycerin. Look at the outside label when you buy your soap. You probably won't even see the word 'soap' on the label. That is because those companies can't list the word 'soap' on their labels with all of the "non-soap" ingredients that they use. It may say 'cleansing', 'moisturizing', or even 'gentle' or 'hydrating', but you most likely won't see the word "soap."

When I make pure glycerin soap, I wrap it in plastic and shrink wrap it to prevent moisture from appearing on the surface. However, when the soap is removed from the plastic to be used, say, in the shower, it will continue to form the moisture beads on the surface. The best way to minimize these beads from forming, is to make sure that the soap is not left in a pool of water and is drained as well as possible between uses. A raised soap dish is perfect for this. We will be selling those soon ;)

So next time you see little moisture beads on your glycerin soap, remember how hydrated your skin is from all that moisture attracted to it.

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