Tuesday, January 10, 2012

We have a new website!!

Exciting news! We finally have an official website as of today! Customized by yours truly, every product we have is on this site, along with some clearance items. ;) Everyone loves a sale!

I have been doing so much research into web design that my eyes are wanting to blur everytime I enter a new html code. What an experience. It is like learning a whole new language! But I am pround to say that I did it, and hope to not have to do it again for a while ;)

For anyone starting a web-based business, I STRONGLY recommend going to DIYSEO.com and checking it out. I did the free 7 day trial, so it cost me nothing, but the information and skills I learned are priceless. I had no idea there were so many directories to add your company name to, or websites that you can submit an article to about your company. Some of these were absolutely free, and some were not. Such is life, huh?

So please go check out my site and let me know what you think! Any typos? Weird color combos? I would appreciate any feed back.

And now for something completely different:
I just make 2 new batches of cold process soap. The first one was made 100% naturally. I used beeswax, coconut oil, olive oil, honey, and rice bran oil. I added ground wheat germ for a gentle exfoliate and I scented it with lemon and lemongrass Essential Oils. It smells so fresh! I can't wait to use it myself!
The second one is for all you coffee lovers out there. I used olive oil, palm oil, and cocoa butter. I added 100% ground Kona coffee, Chocolate espresso and vanilla fragrance oils. So this batch is 98% natural. ;)
These will be done curing in time for The Waimea Cherry Blossom Festival (Feb 4), where we will be at Parker Ranch Center by the entertainment! More on the Festival later.

I must be off. I am going to go cut those soaps I mentioned in to bars!

Mahalo and Hang Loose!

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