Thursday, September 15, 2011

Here we go!

Aloha! E Como Mai (Welcome!)We are so excited that you are here on our site! We chose the name 'shaka' because of what it represents here in Hawaii. The shaka is a simple yet powerful way to remind locals and visitors of the way people look out for each other on the islands and strive to spread aloha day in and day out, in keeping with the Hawaiian principle of malama i kekahi i kekahi, - take care of one, take care of all. That is our philosophy here at Shaka Soap.

We are currently offering glycerin and cold process soap. "What is the difference" I hear you ask? The difference between cold process and glycerin soap is pretty significant. Cold processed is made with lye, distilled water, oils (such as coconut, olive, etc), and colorants and fragrances if desired. These are more labor intensive, but produce a hard, long lasting, great bar of soap. They tend to look more "natural" as well. Glycerin is commonly clear and is purchased in large blocks. It is melted down, colored, scented, and poured to make various designs. These are relatively easier to make and are more cost effective. The downside is they don't last very long in the shower and you can't control every ingredient like cold process.

We offer 100% natural soap and "almost 100% natural" soap. Since "100% natural" is a phrase used improperly by many companies, when we say 100% natural, we mean that it is only raw oils, lye, essential oil for scent, and earth derived colorants. Our "almost 100% natural" soap means that everthing is natural except the colorant and/or fragrances. Some products found in nature don't produce an essential oil, so fragrance oils are used to create these desired scents.

Shaka Soap produces quality products and these minor differences in how the soap is made only affects personal preference and tastes.

Check out our new website: Shaka Soap Page

Cold process soap. Scented with bergamot and eucalyptus essential oil. Colored with green oxide (natural pigment). Made with oilve, coconut, palm, and borage seed oil. 100% natural $6/bar (There are 6 bars available and each bar is approx. 3.5 oz)

Cold process soap. 100% pure oilve oil; also know as castile soap. Colored with paprika (seriously!). Does not leave a scent. 100% natural. $6/bar (There are 8 bars available and each bar is approx. 5 oz)

Unscented, uncolored cold process soap. Made with coconut, palm, and olive oil. 100% natural $3/bar (There are 10 bars available, they are various widths as this was my first batch. They range from 1.5oz -3.5 oz)

Cold process soap. Made with coconut, palm, and olive oil. Colored with cocoa powder (left a slight scent) and poppy seeds were added for gentle exfoliant. 100% natural $2/bar (There are 27 bars available, but they are small. Each bar is approx. 1oz)
Coconut lime scented, goat's milk and glycerin soap. 100% almost natural ;) $6/bar (There are 21 bars available and each bar is approx 7 oz.  BIG BAR ;)
Shea and silk glycerin soap. Rose and jasmine scented. 100% almost natural ;) $3/bar (There are 8 bars available and each bar weighs approx. 2.5oz)
Shea and silk glycerin soap. Scented with sandalwood but is very faint. 100% almost natural ;) $3/bar (There are 7 bars available and each bar weighs approx. 2.5oz)

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